About Mouse Ear Momma

I am a high school biology teacher and a mom of two teenage girls. We took our first family trip to Walt Disney World in 2006 and have been back over twenty times in the last fourteen years and three Disney Cruises. I personally have been there 30+ times (I have lost count). I have planned trips for myself, my extended family and friends over the years. I have traveled with and planned for large groups, elderly/disabled, infants, toddlers & teenagers.

My goal is to share my love of Disney and planning for future trips with others. I offer ideas, tips, and planning advice to anyone who is interested in listening.

I am not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. I simply enjoy traveling to the most magical place on Earth and planning trips for everyone I know!


2 thoughts on “About Mouse Ear Momma

  1. We have not been to Disney in 3 yrs, we have been doing the cruise. My girls are 9 and almost 7. We are staying at the Animal Kingdom resort. We arrive Sunday and leave on Thursday we are going to Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Universal or MGM any suggestions would be great.

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