I am not very happy about this change!!!

KennythePirate's Unofficial Guide to Disney World

“We’re now offering you less magic for more money.”  Okay, that’s not a quote from anyone, except me, but that’s what will begin taking place beginning January 1, 2013.  Since the program began Walt Disney World has offered at least 1 park open 1 hour early or 3 hours late each day.  The 1 hour early Morning Extra Magic Hour will continue, but the Evening Extra Magic hours will be reduced to only 2 hours.  I’ve personally LOVED 3 extra hours at Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I find the EMH at Hollywood Studios difficult to enjoy as greatly.  Last year WDW eliminated Animal Kingdom Evening Extra Magic Hours all together and instead offered an additional day with a Morning EMH.  With record attendance and increased revenue from increased prices on tickets, food and merchandise and numerous cuts in entertainment and characters, one is left to wonder what is going on in…

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