Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Years blog readers! I hope you had an enjoyable one. Now that it is 2013, I have the itch to get into the planning mode again. But when to go to the most magical place on Earth? Spring seems like a good idea, but can I really get the money saved and myself together to go that soon?  Summer…the benefit is that the kids are off but so are everyone else’s kids. Plus, it can be ridiculously hot. Fall seems like a great time, but it seems so far away! I love to go at Christmas, but we just finished Christmas and I know I can not hold out that long.

I am dying to see the new Fantasyland. I wish I could have been there for the opening on December 6. I feel like a vacation planning slacker that it has been open for almost a month and I haven’t experienced it yet!

Well, off to plan. Happy New Year and visit me at The Cincinnati Travel, Sports & Boat Show beginning January 18!


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