UPDATE: The surprise was a success! They had no idea even though a few people (including myself dropped the ball a few times). Little did I know how crazy a time it would be. We had a blast and it was a little more crowded than expected. The end of May is probably not the best idea for me with school ending 2 weeks later along with final dance recitals and a festival to follow. It has been an exhausting few weeks and I have been a complete slacker when it comes to my blog. Summer is here and I am back in action. Watch for posts on all the amazing experiences we had while at Walt Disney World!

Today is the day we are surprising the kids with a trip to Disney. We have been keeping this a secret for 3 months and they still have no clue. So many people, myself included have blabbed right in front of them and neither have picked up on it. The fact that I am the Mouse Ear Momma and constantly talk Disney with people has helped tremendously, I think they are immune to the word Disney. My 5 year old keeps telling me it is time to plan another trip, wait until she hears she is leaving today! We decided to pick up the 2nd grader and then have my husband on the porch with a sign and ear hats waiting for us. I will post pictures of the surprise as soon as we are on our way


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