Traveling with a Large Group

Traveling with a big group of family or friends takes planning and patience. Even with if you are going with one other family, you will be a “Magical Gathering” with a group of 8 or more. Remember that you will be with people who have a different schedules, different tastes in food, want to rides things you wouldn’t. We have traveled with one other family of 4 with girls the same ages.  Our group of 15 people included elderly, teenagers & preschoolers. It is a lot easier to travel with girls the same age than with the range in ages.

My recommendations for group travel:

  • Be patient and lower your expectations
  • The larger the group the slower you will be
  • You need to add extra time for travel and waiting for others to catch up
  • Don’t assume that you will be able to stay together and do everything together the entire trip
  • Plan meals together
  • Plan for time apart, otherwise you will drive each other crazy
  • Talk about your schedule. If the other family likes to sleep in and you will be up early, make a plan to meet up at a certain time (like a meal)
  • Having other adults can give you flexibility with the kids. If some need a break and the others are still going strong, you can take turns going back to the hotel early
  • Everyone has cell phones, you can find each other if you go your separate ways
  • Involve everyone in the planning so no one feels pushed around

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