Table Service without Characters

I am a foodie! Disney has tons of great places to enjoy. I do love the character meals, but there are just times you want to sit down and have someone serve you a great meal.  You also want the kids happy to give you time to enjoy the food without popping up out of you seat every 10 minutes for pictures. I want to write about a few of my favorites that the kids love too.

One our last trip, my daughter was in line making friends with another little girl. The next thing I hear is “You have to eat in Japan, the chef cooks at your table!” After one meal, Teppan Edo became her favorite restaurant at Disney.  It is a hibachi grill in the Japan Pavillion of EPCOT. The food is delicious and the kids were entertained by our chef the entire meal. I was shocked that my 4-year-old at an entire chicken breast along with the veggies, noodles and rice. That is a testament to how wonderful the food is at Teppan Edo!

Another great EPCOT restaurant is San Angel Inn inside the Mexico Pavillion. The restaurant is right alongside the river of the Grand Fiesta Tour ride and the pavillion is set during twilight. You feel like you are eating during the evening in a busy plaza in Mexico. The food was great and the kids loved watching the boats go by on the ride. I have noticed that San Angel is not overly crowded and seems to takes walk in customers more readily than other restaurants.

The 50’s Prime Time Diner in Hollywood Studios is staged like a kitchen with TV’s showing 50’s sitcoms like “Leave it to Beaver” & “Donna Reed”. The food is home cooking and wonderful. My favorite is the chicken pot pie, but the fried chicken and meatloaf are equally good. My daughters love the interactive wait staff, they will get so into the act that we usually have other waiters come join the fun. The staff will harass you about elbows on the table or cleaning your plate.


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