EPCOT and Kids

I love EPCOT! I know a lot of people who don’t think that there is anything to interest the kids but that is not true!

There are so many things that the kids will enjoy in EPCOT. Future World has rides and other attractions that will hold the kids attention. I can spend hours in The Land Pavillion between Soarin’, Living with the Land, Circle of Life movie & eating in Sunshine Seasons. The Imagination Pavillion will keep the kids busy and active even after the ride is over. The Living Seas has a full aquarium to enjoy after you ride Finding Nemo. They have dolphin intelligence demonstrations and a manatee area. This is only a portion of Future World!

The World Showcase has different ways to engage children. You can color a Duffy on a stick and have it stamped in every “Kidcot” station in each country (for free). Disney has passports that you can purchase and each country will stamp the passport and write a message in their language. The countries of the World Showcase have the characters associated with that culture for kids to visit (Jasmine in Morocco, Pinocchio in Italy etc). Each country has a show, cuisine, and street performers to enjoy. My kids love the Beatles cover band in the UK and Off Kilter, a kilt wearing rock band in Canada.

Yes, you are not truly overseas but you can get the essence of the cultures. It is always interesting to talk to the young people from the different countries over here to work and see how they like the USA and what their life is like at home. Right after Kate & William’s wedding my daughter asked the girl in the UK if she knew them and went to the wedding. It was so funny! The girl played along and then talked with the kids about the different things they eat and the phrases they use like “Ta Ta”.

My favorite thing in the World Showcase is the former Kim Possible Adventure. I say former because Kim Possible has been replaced with Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure which will start in June. So excited for the change!!! For the Adventure, you get a pass similar to a Fastpass and the pass will tell you when and where to pick up your secret agent phone (used to be a Kimmunicator). You can get passes in Future World or at any agent kiosk in the World Showcase. Once you have your cell phone, a video will play and tell you which country your mission is in. The phone will ask you to go into certain stores and press buttons. The phone causes all sorts of things to happen! Toy trains go by with a secret code on them, rockets shoot off the distance, a guitar will start playing on its’ own, the list goes on and on. The kids love it and I have seen plenty of adults walking around with a beer and a secret agent phone.

Don’t skip EPCOT because you think the kids won’t enjoy it. There is plenty for them to do, learn about, and fall in love with at EPCOT!


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