Magical Express

If you choose to stay on Disney property, a service called Magical Express is offered to those flying. It is a wonderful service and I would recommend taking advantage of it.

Here’s how it works…

  • You call Disney after you have booked your flight and give them the flight numbers to add to your reservation. Do this 6 weeks in advance!
  • Disney will send you a packet in the mail with your Magical Express tickets, info on where it is located in the airport and yellow luggage tags.
  • Make sure you have your Magical Express tickets and info in your carry on.
  • Put these yellow tags on your luggage before you check your bags at the airport.
  • You will not see your luggage again until you are at the resort. So anything you need should be packed in a carry on
  • When you get to Orlando, you go straight to ground transportation – not baggage!
  • Way at the end of ground transportation floor is the Magical Express Desk. You check in and they will assign you a bus.
  • The bus will make multiple stops but they run a movie the whole time to keep the kiddies happy.
  • You are dropped at your hotel and your bags will be delivered to your room within  3 hours

This service is wonderful. You don’t have to worry about your luggage or how you will drag 4 suitcases, the kids, strollers and carry ons around the airport. You don’t have to add in the additional expense of renting a car, which keeps your costs down.


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