Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom

There is now an interactive game at Magic Kingdom called the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. This is a role-playing card game in which you are an apprentice to Merlin and your goal is to fight various Disney villains throughout Magic Kingdom.

This is a free activity within Magic Kingdom (like Kim Possible/Agent P in Epcot). You sign up in the firehouse in Town Square or near the Christmas shop in Liberty Square. They will swipe your park pass (you can only play once a day), give you a map and 5 interactive spell cards. You hold a spell card up at certain locations (found on the map) and you will have interactions with the villains. You can play in 15-20 minute increments throughout your day at Magic Kingdom or you can play continuously for 2-3 hours. One piece of advice, don’t lose your key card or you will lose your whole game and have to start over! The first portals on Main St. are very crowded and will have lines, skip these and move up the street or onto Adventureland instead.

Different cards used against the villain will cause different results. Multiple cards can be used to have a bigger effect and villain cards will backfire on you. There are over 70 spell cards to collect and it is already become a trading phenomenon! Here is a list of all the cards available: sorcerer list

I have not played yet, but I will review the game on our next trip:)


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