Hidden Benefit of Rider Swap

The rider swap (also known as baby swap) is a feature offered by Walt Disney World to allow both parents enjoy a ride that is not appropriate for young children. This can be because a child doesn’t meet the height requirements or they are too young for the ride. The parents receive a rider swap pass that will allow the other parent to ride without waiting in line again.  Yes, the first parent must wait in line (unless you are using Fastpasses), but the second parent will ride as soon as the other parent is off. This is available at all parks on certain Rider swap rides.

Stephanie Silverman has written an article about utilizing the rider swap to your advantage.

I wanted to let your readers know that traveling to Disney with a toddler in tow may be a bonus for your other children. We went this past April with our 3 daughters, ages 6, 5, and almost 2. We were able to use rider swap pass for rides like Star Tours and Soarin’ with our 2 older girls. We would get fastpasses for the 4 of us and go back at the designated time and ask for a riders switch pass since our 2-year-old was too little to go on the ride. My husband and I would take turns going on the ride/entertaining our toddler.
But, the best part about the rider swap pass is that it is good for 3 people. This meant our older girls were able to ride their favorite rides back to back with little to no wait time!

You can still enjoy Disney with a toddler in tow, even better your munchkin will probably have a great time too. I know ours did and is still talking about things that we saw and did on our trip.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Benefit of Rider Swap

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