Why would I do laundry on vacation?

I always do laundry at least once on a trip. Why would anyone want to do laundry on vacation? Aren’t you trying to get away from all that?

There are a few reasons…

  1. Less clothes = less luggage. With airlines charging for luggage these days, it is cheaper to pack less!
  2. Florida is hot and I do NOT like packing sweaty stinky clothes for the trip home!
  3. I do not have that many clothes & we all have a few favorites that we want to wear again.

In the resorts, laundry costs $2 a load to wash and $2 to dry. I bring quarters specifically for laundry day. I also pack detergent and dryer sheets, now a couple brands have little packs that you just throw into your load. I just wash everything together on cold. I plan for a midday break halfway into the trip to swim and relax. Usually, the laundry facilities are near the pool. We throw in a load, swim, take a break to switch, swim & get dry clothes on the way back to the room.

I think it is totally worth the effort because everyone is happy to wear their favorite princess shirt again. It also forces us to slow down and not try and cram more and more into each day of our trip.


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