My favorite Disney apps

There are bunches of apps for smartphones to help you on your Disney vacation. Some of my smartphone apps are helpful with planning and others are in constant use while on my vacation.

Here are my favorites:

  • WDW Dining by VersaEdge – Tells you restaurants near you, full menus, searches types of food, you can put your reservations in the app, search restaurants in each park & resort.
  • Walt Disney World Times Guide by Electrollama – Gives you the schedule and times guide for each park
  • Lines – Touring Plans app that gives times, crowd levels, touring plans, wait time estimates, fastpass return times, and in park users submit current ride times. You do have to join Touring Plans to access this app. There are other ride wait times apps out there and of the 4 I have tested, this is the most accurate.
  • Disney Gift Card – This app keeps track of your Disney gift cards and updates the amount left on the card. I give the kids a gift card and that is what they use to buy their souveiners and I can easily let them know how much they have remaining.
  • Hidden Mickeys of Disney World by Llama – My kids love to find hidden Mickeys, and this app gives you both clues and answers to find Mickey’s everywhere in all the parks.
  • Disney Parks Mobile Magic – Only on Verizon. Good map, dining information and reservations from phone, character schedule.
  • My Disney Experience” app – just released! Has times guides, you can make dining reservations, character times and locations, wait times for rides (I will be testing the accuracy of this very soon!)
  • Kenny the Pirate is developing a character app which should be out for Android soon and iPhone later. This app would allow you to locate various characters and check them off your list.

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