Let it begin…

To quote Rhino the Hamster from Bolt: “Let it begin, Let it begin!” I have started my packing. Yes, we don’t leave for a few weeks, but it takes me that long to get ready for a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth. Plus, I love to pack for Disney. I don’t even make a list anymore. I will remember everything (eventually) as I pick at a few things each day.

Maybe I am crazy…I was chomping at the bit to start packing. With school just around the corner and only 2 days after we get home, I need my ducks in a row. I am too Type A to let things go until the last-minute. By giving myself so long to pack, I have plenty of time to run out and buy what we need. All the laundry is done and the house is clean for our return.  or to dig out the water bottles that I bought for the kids 6 months ago!

The luggage is out and ready to be filled (we only get 2 bags free, so we have to pack light). The kids backpacks are filled with snacks and activities for the plane, along with a few surprises. I like to give them new sunglasses, crayons and coloring for the trip. They are not allowed to look inside the backpack until the airport. I also have the kids shirts put aside so I won’t have to wash them again. I dress them in matching shirts so if I lose one I know what they are wearing.

The toiletries are being bagged and refilled as needed. I have the Ziploc medicine bag with epipens and inhalers ready to pull out for airport security in my backpack. I have the potty bag replenished and easily accessible.

My boxes of consumables are being filled for shipping. I pack things like the princess dress ups and ponchos that are too bulky and sparkly for the luggage. Food and drink boxes are bagged separately in case of an explosion. I found Pixar themed juice boxes at a dollar store and snagged those weeks ago! For food, I am packing single serve packs of breakfast items and a few fruit bars and salty snacks. I prefer tea in the morning, so I bring tea bags and sugar packets. I also bought disposable coffee cups with lids because the ones that Disney gives you in the rooms do not have lids. It is really hard to fold up a stroller for the bus with an open cup of hot liquid!

Wish me luck…”Let it begin”!


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