Port Orleans Riverside: Royal Guest Rooms

This past vacation was the first time I was able to have a glimpse of the renovations done at Port Orleans Riverside. Last summer, we stayed at French Quarter and were very happy about the new rooms there. Riverside is my favorite moderate resort, so I was very excited to stay here once again. Originally, I was booked for a normal, no view double room. When I called to change a few things to our reservation (I added 2 more nights) I was upgraded to a Royal Guest Room with a garden view free of charge. I was pumped! Who doesn’t love get something extra for free!

When checking in we were giving scrolls with a letter from Tiana welcoming us to her special rooms. The girls really thought the letter was to them personally. I was very happy upon arrival to see how close the 2 buildings with the Royal Guest rooms were to the lobby. Just a quick trip over the bridge to Oak Manor and Paterre Place, which was our building. A quiet pool was right next to us as well. It made it convenient. to spend 30 minutes in the pool and do laundry.

The rooms were still nicely decorated with princess touches. The headboards have fiber optic fireworks with the press of a button. There were framed pictures of all the princesses from their stay at Riverside along with a picture of them all together in front of the building with their princes. The borders of the room and bath were themed with little mentions from all the princesses such as mice, shoes, shells, etc. Each princess left a gift that is part of the decor and it took us all week to find them in the room.

Overall, I really did like staying in the Royal Guest rooms as did the kids. The location was wonderful and the rooms were very nice. But would I spend an extra $35 a night to stay in one? I can think of better ways to spend that money at Disney. All the rooms at Riverside have been refurbished, so I would assume that every room is just as nice without the princess touches.


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