Agent P’s World Showcase: First Hand Experience

One of the things that I was most excited to experience at Disney this last trip was the new Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. It was very similar to the Kim Possible and some of the same effects, but there were also new experiences as well.

The F.O.N.Es were new and had bigger screens than Kim Possible. There were also more stations to sign up for your F.O.N.E. They were located on the bridge into the World Showcase, United Kingdom, Norway, and Italy. One major difference is that you no longer get a fastpass to pick up your phone at a certain location. You receive your phone right away at the kiosk and you must start a mission within 15 minutes. If the phone is unused after 30 minutes, your mission is canceled and your phone will deactivate. I did not like this feature because we wanted to do more missions but had to make dinner reservations both times we did Agent P.

We did 2 missions on 2 different days, Mexico & China. Mexico had some similar things as its previous incarnation, a secret code in the wall behind the art, pinatas lighting up, and the rocket launching from the volcano. There were new features too and the kids really liked the Phineas and Ferb theme. China was really cool and had you running all over the pavilion and also had you interact with other agents (families) on the same mission. In China, you had to ask a certain question at Kidcot and they gave you a fortune cookie with a code inside. My kids thought that was awesome. I know that Doofenshmirtz comes out in the clock on the Germany mission and in France there is a secret pressed penny involved. We have to save something for the next trip!

Overall, Agent P was more modern and a much better incarnation of Kim Possible. I was not thrilled about the time limit but we made it work. I love the interactivity that this experience offers the kids to learn about a particular country and gets guests more involved in touring the World Showcase pavilions!


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