Brave and Merida

We got in line at 8:30 in the morning on an extra magic hour day. Why would we waste precious ride time at Magic Kingdom to stand in line?! 8-9 on EMH is the best time to ride everything in Fantasyland!!! It was worth it to see our newest  favorite princess (and her mischievous brothers), Merida from Brave. We were in the first group to be allowed into the interactive meet and greet. Unlike the other characters, they only allow a finite number of people to enter the pavilion and then close the curtains. A giant table in the middle of the area for the kids to color a Brave themed picture. The queue goes around this table up the character, so you see your child at all times. There are cast members dressed in Scottish costumes to help the kids as well. This meet and greet was even better because after a few minutes of coloring, the cast members asked the children who wanted to try archery! The cast member was very interactive with each child and this kept the parents distracted from the fact they were in line to see a princess. My daughter’s archery instructor was very shocked that she already knew how to shoot the bow and arrow. She explained that we have a Brave themed set at home and they have practiced all summer! The bow was constructed to keep the arrow in place and he also helped her keep it straight. Bullseye!!

Merida was a wonderful character and very interactive with children and parents. She was bubbly and very into character. She introduced us to her brothers (the bears behind her on the cart). I don’t yet know how they do it but the bears interacted and moved independent of each other. Then, when it was time for the picture,they would pose. We were shocked and it made the kids believe that they were really Harris, Hubert and Hamish! I was sad to learn that a few weeks after our trip the brother bears were taken out of the experience. Along with the archery lesson, that was my favorite part of the meet and greet.

I am very happy that we to the time to go to this meet and greet. I was impressed last year when it was Rapunzel and I was even more impressed with Merida. The way they keep the whole family entertained is an experience that I am willing to miss a few turns on the teacups for!


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