Dietary Issues at WDW

I have written about Traveling to Disney with Food allergies, but now it is time to talk about other dietary restrictions. I understand the stress that occurs while planning a vacation when there are medical issues with foods. Where do we eat? Can we bring our own “safe” food? One thing to know is that you can bring in your own cooler with your comfort foods (with some rules attached) or just stuff your backpack and stroller with necessary items.

For Diabetics:

  • Disney does not have set carbohydrate counts for many of the food items sold, unless prepackaged. Bringing your own snacks gives you more control.
  • The First Aid stations in the parks are comfortable, air-conditioned spaces to take a break from the heat and check glucose. Nurses are on staff during normal park hours; they can store any medication that require refrigeration and have sharps containers (as do many of the restrooms in the parks).

For those with allergies/ intolerance:

  • Disney has a list of all ingredients and possible cross contamination at all food booths & quick service restaurants. At the sit down restaurants, the chef will come to your table to discuss your options.
  • Disney can accommodate for the following allergies: gluten/wheat, Lactose/dairy, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, soy, fish, egg, corn
  • Multiple allergies in the same party should contact the email below
  • Indicate your allergy when booking your reservations; either online or over the phone
  • Make sure you inform your server of the allergy when you arrive at the restaurant; they will inform the chef.
  • There is not an allergen free area of the kitchen or separate dining area for these guests, but they do try to accommodate all guests to the best of their ability.

For other dietary issues & metabolic disorders:

  • Non common allergies, PKU, metabolic disorders or multiple guests with allergies
  • Contact at least 14 days prior to arrival and after booking dining reservations.
  • Kosher meals are available at select table service restaurants and must be requested 48 hours in advance of reservation by calling (407) 939-3463

A Few Things to Note:

  • Cast members may NOT store, prepare, cook or reheat any food brought into the resorts or theme parks by guests.
  • There are regulations about the type, size & contents of coolers.
  • In room refrigerators subject to availability and may be an additional charge.
  • Make sure you inform your server of your dietary restriction when you arrive at the restaurant; they will inform the chef and work together to be as accommodating as possible.

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