Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure is up and running at Epcot’s World Showcase. For previous visitors of WDW, Agent P is basically a repurposed Kim Possible. For those of you new to this interactive way to visit the countries, I would highly recommend doing it! This is a free activity at the park and is a great way for kids to enjoy the World Showcase. I would do this in conjunction with the Kidcot stations where the kids color a Duffy Bear and get stamps at each country. Both of these are free of charge and the Kidcot is a free souvenir.

You can sign up at an Agent P kiosk at the International Gateway or the Odyssey Bridge between Future World and World Showcase. Innoventions had a place to get your mission, but that is not open yet.

You will receive a F.O.N.E (field operative notification equipment) which basically looks like a cell phone. This is your guide to a mission in your assigned country. You will be given instructions from Phineas and Ferb characters and given clues and directions to stop Doofenshmirtz. The F.O.N.E will give you pictures of places you need to stand near and have you push ok for things to happen. It will also ask you to find clues and codes and input them into the F.O.N.E. After you finish your mission, you will be asked if you would like to do another in a different country or the F.O.N.E will show you where to deposit your device in that country.

It is so much fun and so many different things happen you wouldn’t expect. Pinatas light up with a secret code in Mexico, posters change in Norway, a train in German holds a hidden message. This game is a way for children and families to walk around and take more interest in the World Showcase. Currently, the missions are to Mexico, Norway, Germany, France, Japan, China, United Kingdom. We have done all the Kim Possible missions so I am pumped to see what changes have been made! I love being able to park the stroller and walk around the individual countries. I see and do more than I would if I was pushing the kids around and walking past the outskirts.

The F.O.N.Es are new compared to the Kimmunicators and they have a pause feature if you want to stop for lunch or shopping while you tour that country. Some of the attractions are repurposed but with the Phineas and Ferb theme, I don’t think anyone will care. My kids had no idea who Kim Possible was except for playing the game at Epcot but they love P& F. If you are not familiar with P&F, you can still play the game and enjoy the tour without any background info.


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