Traveling around the Resort

Disney has a wonderful system for transporting guests easily and efficiently between the parks and resorts. This is one of the perks of staying on property. The transportation system makes it very convenient to park hop and go back to the hotel for a break during the day. Continue reading

Keeping the kids happy while waiting

Disney is a world of hurry up and wait. Rush through the morning to get to opening and wait at the turnstiles. Race to a ride then wait in line for 20 minutes. Head to the airport hours before your flight to learn that it is delayed. Walk to the bus stop and find your bus pulling away. The list goes on and on. Disney is a great lesson in patience for both children and adults!

I have a few tricks I use to keep the kids busy while waiting in line, for transportation or in a restaurant. Continue reading


If you have little girls, then seeing as many princesses as you can is a must! The princess meals are a great way to see a bunch of characters, but you can still miss one that is important to your little one. Princess are not just for girls, I know plenty of little boys whose favorite character encounter has been Ariel or Jasmine!

It is not a requirement to “dress up” for your princess experience, but you will see many little girls running around dressed as their favorite. If you have a miniprincess, then you might want to consider packing a dress for them to wear. The ones in the park go for $50-100, so it is to your advantage to think ahead and buy one at Target! My girls are usually ok with a few princess themed t-shirts and a skirt.

Here is a list of where you can find the princesses (and the not technically princesses): Continue reading

Favorite Quick Service Restaurants

There are great counter service restaurants to try at WDW. Don’t be limited to hamburgers & pizza! We have gone an entire vacation without eating one cheeseburger (it was our goal that trip).

First, you would be surprised how often you will eat the quick service at the resort. So if you are deciding between hotels, look at the restaurants available to you. You never know when the kids are going to melt down and your original plan will be altered.

Port Orleans French Quarter only has a quick service restaurant, but the food there was wonderful. They have a New Orleans inspired menu with sandwiches, nightly specials, along with beignets.

Continue reading

Update: Disney’s Photopass Service

I love Disney’s Photopass Service. I think that it is totally worth the money if you utilize it correctly and plan ahead. Our first few trips, we didn’t use photopass and I regret that because we have so few pictures of our whole family. The photographers will take pictures with your camera, but their photos will be better!

To get the most bang for your buck, stop at every photographer you see in all the parks. Let’s be honest, you can’t have too many pictures of your family in front of the castle! There are photgraphers in every park. Here is a map and some tips of all the photopass photographers. Disney Photopass Map Continue reading

Disney Dining Plan – Updated 2013

Disney Dining Plan can be confusing. If you don’t do the background research, you definitely will not get the best value for your money. It can be a very positive experience and save you a ton of money on an already expensive trip. I like the Dining plan because our meals are paid for before we leave. We don’t come home from a trip having spent more money that we wanted to spend (except on drinking maybe).

Disney Dining standard plan costs $58.66 per adult and $18.88 per child (3-9) for each night of your stay. Yes, Disney considers children “adults” from age 10.  There is a less expensive quick service plan, which doesn’t include table service restaurants. The Deluxe plan gives you 3 meals each day, either quick or table service, but this is upwards of $100 per person. Continue reading