The ways cast members make your trip magical…

I had a friend ask me why I like vacationing at Disney (and I wasn’t allowed to answer making the kids happy)! After some thought, I said that I would continue to go to WDW until I found another vacation destination that gave me the same level of customer service as Disney. I definitely surprised him with my answer and I think I even surprised myself.

Whenever I have called the reservation lines or resorts directly, I have found the friendliest and most helpful person on the other end.  Yes, you still have to go through all the automated prompts like any other big business, but when you get to the representative you will be very satisfied. They always have suggestions for things to do or recommendations of new things to try.

From the time you step off the airplane and check in at the Magical Express, you feel taken care of by the cast members. (Disney does not call them employees) The staff at the resort are so friendly upon arrival and will take care of any needs or questions for you. They hand out stickers and other fun Disney stuff every time you enter the lobby. There is a TV with old cartoons or movies for the kids while you take care of checking in. You luggage shows up in your room within 3 hours of you, so there is no dragging your luggage at the airport or hotel.

Every day of your trip the cleaning staff will do fun things in your room to surprise you when you get back. They will put your toys into different scenarios (which the kids love!) or leave extras of whatever you ask for (caffeinated coffee for us!). Remember to tip them for all their hard work. We tip daily because it isn’t always the same person. I just read a great tip, make up envelopes ahead of time for each day of your trip with the tip money. That way you don’t have to look for cash each morning in the rush out the door!

In the parks is where things get magical. One trip my daughters were leaving the princess meet and greet tent in the old Toon Town. My oldest was upset because she wanted to meet the fairies. A cast member at the exit asked why she was crying. After she told him, he asked us to wait. A few minutes later, he led us into the exit door for the fairies and we walked right in to meet Tinkerbell! I was fighting back tears the whole time.

I love stories of cast members making magical memories! Here is one that came out recently about a security guard at bag check who asks children for their autograph when they are dressed up.

The security guard who makes Disney dreams come true.

Remember that you get what you receive! If you are happy, kind and friendly to cast members you will get more than you ever bargained for on your trip. If someone does something for you that is extraordinary, go to Guest Services and tell them about your positive experience. Disney also sends out a survey after your trip and you have the opportunity to mention something positive there. Just make note of the cast member’s name, hometown & where your saw them.


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