Mousekeeping & Tipping

I have written a previous article about the cast members at Disney. Now it is time to focus on the people who make your hotel room your home.

Mousekeeping is the term WDW uses for its housekeeping staff. These people work very hard every day to make sure you come back from the park to a clean room full of surprises. They are happy to leave extra towels, coffee, or shampoo if you ask. They set up the kids toys in a fun way to make coming back to the room magical. The mousekeeping staff deserves a tip and is allowed to take it. One way to make your mornings go more smoothly is to put your tips for each day into an envelope before you leave for your trip. Make enough envelopes for each day of your trip and write your little housekeeping thank you note on them. It is up to you to decide how much you want to tip. Pre fill the envelopes with cash and then pull one out in the morning before you leave. This is much easier than scrambling for cash in the morning as you are walking out the door. We generally do $5-10 per night depending on the state of our room. Remember that you don’t have the same Mousekeeper every day, so you can’t just leave one big tip at the end.

About tipping at WDW…You can and should tip bell services if they handle your luggage in your presence. The same goes for the Magical Express bus drivers. If they are handling your luggage, you should tip them. $1-2 per bag seems to be the norm for bell services, sky caps, & Magical Express drivers.

Dining plan does not include gratuity, so make sure you include a tip based on the quality of service – not the quality of food. If you have a large group, make sure gratuity has not be included before you tip again.

It is against the rules for most cast members to take a monetary gift from guests. If someone does something extraordinary to make your trip magical, make note of their name, country and the position they were working. You can stop at guest services to put in a good word or you can tell Disney during the online survey you receive upon your return home. Another idea is to bring a few pins or small items from your hometown and give those to cast members who do something special for you. They can accept something like this, but they can’t accept money.


2 thoughts on “Mousekeeping & Tipping

  1. I have wrote to disney three times. i am leaving for a family vacation the end of the month staying inside the park, and had several questions. NO one has responded to me. i am taking my whole family for halloween. My grandchildren have never been. they are so excited for the first time. i had some questions, and really can not understand why i have not heard.

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